The Frankfurters

  German - American Music

Seit 1982

Joe "Seppl" Bernard - clarinet, Matt "Matthias" Miraglia - trumpet, Mitch "Schnell" Quick - drums,
Frank "Franzl" Reino - accordion, Jim Pace - tuba, Paul Pfitzinger - baritone horn,
(Chris "Kristoff" Chaffee - soundman)
The Frankfurters German Band has been entertaining audiences since 1982. Known as  Western New York's most popular German show band,
The Frankfurters - aka "The Best of the Wurst" -  have preformed throughout New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Canada as well as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein during their late 1980s European tour.
Presenting a high energy show featuring traditional German, Austrian, Swiss, Slovenian and American music, the band also showcases thrilling demonstrations of the Swiss Alphorns, Bavarian Cow Bells, 
and the "Singing" Saw!
With Yodeling demonstrations and upbeat dance tunes, The Frankfurters are sure to rock the hall and pack the dance floor for your Oktoberfest, Maifest, Sommerfest or "Anytime" fest!  Along with popular park concert performances, The Frankfurters are certain to please ALL audiences, young and old, the year-round!
The Frankfurters  perform regularly at the HofbrÀuhaus-Buffalo.
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The Frankfurters at Flying Bison Brewery, Buffalo, New York.

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